Thursday, June 12, 2014

LA Radio: 'Inconsistencies' Date Back To Summer 2013

Ricardo Sanchez
Problems with Nielsen's sample audience date back to last summer, according to The LA Times, when NielsenAudio launched an investigation into possible audience pool tampering.

The Nielsen investigation came to light last fall, after Spanish-language radio host Ricardo Sanchez, who then worked at Spanish Broadcasting System's popular La Raza station KLAX 97.9 FM, rocketed to the top of the ratings for morning drive-time programs in the spring of 2013.

Executives at rival stations suspected problems with the ratings, and they complained to Nielsen.

Last fall Sanchez was abruptly taken off the air by Spanish Broadcasting System. At the time, Sanchez was involved in tense contract negotiations with the station. He was told to report for work and sit at a desk. Sanchez has said he did nothing wrong.

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The problems with the Nielsen audience panel appear to have continued long after Sanchez left the La Raza station. Sanchez, who goes by the nickname "El Mandril," returned to the airwaves earlier this year -- but at a new station, KXOS 93.9 FM.

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