Friday, June 13, 2014

St. Louis Radio: Dan Marshall Resigns From KFNS

Dan Marshall
Dan Marshall, the man who had been steering Grand Slam Sports though one of the roughest times in the last two decades of St. Louis radio, turned in his resignation on Thursday from overseeing the operation, according to

That follows a week of massive turmoil, which began last Friday with a fist fight in the station’s offices in south St. Louis that sent Marshall to a hospital for treatment and Brian McKenna — who had been doing mornings at KFNS 590 AM — to jail for the night. McKenna was arrested and police presented their case to prosecutors, but as of Thursday no charges had been filed. Authorities have been conducting interviews this week with people who were on the property at the time of the incident.

That fight came shortly after McKenna was ridiculed on KXFN 1380 AM — Grand Slam’s other station — on Nick Trupiano’s show that included racially-charged comments and the use of a vulgar word, a program that a company official said probably went to a level even well-known shock-jock Howard Stern wouldn’t go.

Mike Calvin
Mike Calvin, who had been in charge of several aspects of the operation, now is in charge of them all. And he faces a daunting task.

“I consider it a massive project,” he said. “A total overhaul of 590 is needed. We’ve lost a lot of good talent in the last week that needs to be replaced somehow, with zero to little budget.”

The latest departure is Jay Randolph Jr., who has been on at middays. He also does golf shows on Thursdays and Sundays but is moving those to KTRS 550 AM in early July.

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