Tuesday, April 4, 2017

L-A Radio: KFI's Wendy Walsh Speaks Of Sexual Harassment

Dr. Wendy Walsh
KFI's own Dr. Wendy Walsh is mentioned in this New  York Times piece about Bill O'Reilly and the women who have accused him of sexual harassment, and the ensuing settlements that have followed.

The Times story states $13 million has been paid so far to five woman who accused the Fox News star of sexual harassment.  The settlements involved a caveat that the women who were paid could not speak about the settlements in any way.

Dr. Wendy, having experienced a situation of her own with O'Reilly, has not sued him, has not filed a complaint and is not interested in any financial compensation. She just feels the need to speak out for the women who settled their cases and no longer have a voice, for the women who may have experienced the same kind of behavior but are afraid to speak out and for the women who may be experiencing some kind of harassment now in their place of work.

She was interviewed Monday morning by Bill Handel on KFI 640 AM:

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Walsh says she had been a recurring guest on the show, and O'Reilly asked her to have dinner at the Bel-Air Hotel. During dinner they discussed her future at the network, and he indicated they were going to bring her on as a paid contributor. He even told her his best friend Roger Ailes was on board with the move. But, after dinner, O'Reilly said "let's get out of here" and invited her up to his hotel room. The mood change after she politely declined, explaining that as a single mom she wanted to set a good example for her daughter.

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