Friday, April 7, 2017

Rachel's Fans Upset Over Thursday's Pre-emption

Fans of Rachel Maddow have expressed their disgust at 'sexist' NBC after the anchor was replaced on the show by Brian Williams who referred to the US missiles against Syria as 'beautiful'.

According to the Daily Mail, Williams, the breaking news anchor for MSNBC, appeared during Maddow's 9pm slot when news broke that the US military fired more than 50 missiles at the al-Shayrat base in retaliation for a chemical weapons attack on civilians.

Furious viewers accused the network of 'sexism' and said Maddow was more than competent to cover the news without any help from Williams.

The news was covered by Williams as he is the breaking news anchor for the network, meaning that during major events he takes over the airwaves at MSNBC no matter who may be hosting at that time.

All the other major networks did the same last night as well.

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