Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Bristol Radio: ESPN Dumps Dan LeBatard Joke

Combine WrestleMania, a shirtless Rob Gronkowski and Dan Le Batard, and you have the perfect recipe for a joke ESPN won’t let you hear, according to The NY Post.

A day after the Patriots tight end appeared in the WWE event, throwing his body around the ring, Le Batard hypothesized on his radio show Monday how Gronk’s career would reach its end. His theory about the demise of the NFL’s biggest party boy was too vivid for Mickey Mouse.

The ever-transparent Le Batard could be seen speaking, but about eight seconds of dead air infected the television simulcast. Afterward, he said he had speculated Gronk could blow his career through a sex-act injury — which ESPN, under the Disney umbrella, would not allow.

A stunned Le Batard, eyes wide, eyebrows raised, vented to his cohorts, “Did I do something wrong there?”

“They dumped you in Bristol,” came a response, in video.

“Wait a minute, Gronk’s making those jokes all the time!” Le Batard ranted. “I got dumped in Bristol for that? Wait a minute, does Gronk have more journalistic freedom than I do? Is that really something that’s a thing? It’s OK for Gronk to reference the number between 68 and 70, but not me? The hell is this, Disney? Somebody explain this to me. Because that’s the way he’s going to die!”

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