Thursday, February 26, 2015

Memphis Radio: Flinn Goes From 'Boom' To Bumpin'

Flinn Broadcasting has rebranded its Classic HipHop format in the Memphis market after a lawsuit filed by Radio for it's use of the trademarked 'Boom' brand.

Flinn is now using "Bumpin' 96' on its WIVG 96.1 FM and WOFX 96.3 FM in the Memphis-area

Meanwhile, a Federal judge has granted Radio One's request for a permanent injunction preventing Flinn Broadcasting from using Radio One's trademarked term "Boom" on its radio stations.

Radio One has been using the trademarked slogan "Boom" since October of 2014 on the Throwback/Classic Hip Hop stations the company launched in Houston, Philadelphia, Dallas and Atlanta.

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Radio One, Inc. subsequently filed suit against Flinn, alleging trademark infringement, false designation of origin, deceptive acts and practices and unfair competition over the use of the "Boom" name.

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