Friday, August 20, 2021

Feds Renew Anti-Trust Case Against Facebook

Federal regulators are targeting Facebook with another antitrust case again, after their first attempt failed, dismissed by a federal judge in June. 

The Federal Trade Commission alleged in a revised complaint yesterday (August 19th) that Facebook pursued a, quote, "buy or bury" against its rivals to suppress competition. 

If the FTC is successful this time, they're seeking remedies that could include forcing Facebook to sell Instagram and WhatsApp or restructure the company. 

In the original case, the judge rejected the complaint that Facebook engaged in a "systematic strategy" to eliminate its competition, saying the FTC didn't provide enough evidence to prove the company is a monopoly. 

The new case addresses that, with the FTC presenting a detailed history of Facebook's conduct to support its claim. Advocates say that Congress needs to update its antitrust laws, as the current ones are weakened and make cases like the FTC's against Facebook and other Big Tech companies harder. A bipartisan overhaul of antitrust laws was approved by the House Judiciary Committee in June and sent to the full House.

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