Friday, August 20, 2021

Usually Supportive WaPo Columnist Lashes Out At TWH

Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin is lashing out at the White House for not ramping up efforts to rescue Americans out of Afghanistan after spending much of the week cheerleading President Biden's withdrawal. 

Reacting to the Pentagon press briefing, Rubin drew a sharp contrast between Britain's handling of getting its citizens out of the Taliban-controlled country versus the U.S. 

FOX News reports this marks a sudden shift in tone from Rubin, who is known for showering Biden with praise and a Twitter favorite of White House chief of staff Ron Klain. 

On Monday, Rubin hailed Biden's speech to the nation, declaring it "the best possible defense of his Afghanistan withdrawal."

On Tuesday, Rubin continued her marathon of complimenting the president with a column titled, "Biden refused to fall for two decades of military dissembling."

The Post columnist even defended the Biden administration by scolding the media for the "false narratives" being pushed. 

The fawning continued into Wednesday in a column insisting Biden still "has leverage in Afghanistan."

"We still have firepower on the ground, and we have financial leverage over the Taliban. A skillful administration would be using both to full effect," Rubin wrote. "We need a transactional relationship that we are willing to enforce through remaining military forces and financial pressure. If we can do that and continue to protect our interests, the Biden administration’s reputation for competency might get a much-needed boost."

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