Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Radio, TV ROI Study Reveals Supersized Sales for QSR Chain

This week’s Westwood One blog post reveals the results from a historic first-ever AM/FM radio and TV ROI study for a major national quick service restaurant chain. Commissioned by CUMULUS MEDIA | Westwood One, Nielsen conducted the study using Portable People Meter panel data and purchase data to show how TV and AM/FM radio impacted QSR sales.

Here are the key findings:
  • AM/FM radio delivered nearly half the reach and half of the impressions with a smaller budget than TV: Of the 77 million consumers reached by the entire campaign, nearly half (49%) of them were reached by AM/FM radio. Of all of the campaign impressions, AM/FM radio delivered 45%, nearly half of the total campaign impressions.
  • AM/FM radio boosted TV’s impact, adding incremental reach and amplifying campaign frequency: 23 million consumers were reached by the AM/FM radio campaign but did not see the TV ad, adding 43% incremental reach to the total campaign. In terms of campaign frequency, exposure to both the AM/FM radio campaign and TV campaign together resulted in a jump to 48% of those who saw or heard the ad 5+ times.
  • AM/FM radio exposure generated more new buyers than television: New buyer penetration grew 30% overall. AM/FM radio’s exposure grew buyers 40%, +54% higher than TV’s 26% impact.
  • The AM/FM radio campaign drove heavy category buyers to try the national restaurant chain: Among heavy category buyers, exposure to AM/FM radio ads drove significant action across key advertising metrics like spend per buying household (+6%), more transactions (+10%), share of category (+17%), and number of buyers (+25%).
  • To boost sales, just add AM/FM radio: AM/FM radio and quick service restaurants make a good team as exposure to AM/FM radio ads boosts sales growth and brings new buyers to the table. AM/FM radio also adds incremental reach and amplified frequency to TV campaigns.

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