Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Stella Parton On Nashville Sexual Harassment: Silence Is Deafening

Stella Parton
It has been nearly four months since Nashville publicity powerhouse Kirt Webster — who represented country icons like Dolly Parton, Kenny Rogers and Charlie Daniels — was accused by a former client of sexually assaulting and drugging him. But according to Parton’s sister Stella, despite the rash of righteous indignation that the allegations sparked, nothing has really changed in Music City.

"It's a good ol' boys town and it's always been a good ol' boys town," the younger sister of Dolly Parton told Fox News. "They hide behind their religion, all of them, a bunch of Southern Baptist hypocrites."  (Webster is Catholic, not a Southern Baptist)

Kirt Webster
Stella Parton told Fox News while Webster PR has gone under, the issue of sexual harassment and assault within the country music community has been mostly swept under the rug.

Parton said she was "appalled" to learn Webster had been "using his association with my sister to get sexual gratification for himself."

The 68-year-old said like Rick, she is "disappointed in the Nashville industry" but is not surprised by its lack of response.

“[People are] afraid if they say anything it will open a Pandora's box... in this town, there's a code of silence that is deafening. You can hear a pin drop in this town,” Parton said.

Three former Webster employees told Fox News in November that the disgraced publicist offered fans meet-and-greets with the superstar singer in exchange for oral sex.

No charges have been filed against Webster due to the statute of limitations, police told Fox News.

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