Thursday, January 4, 2018

FNC Exec Jay Wallace Talks Trump Access

Jay Wallace
The Fox News Channel's President of news Jay Wallace, who oversees the network's news programming and has been with Fox News since the beginning, recently chatted with The Hollywood Reporter.

Among other topics, the conversation touched on reported tensions between the network's news-side anchors and the opinion hosts.

According to THR, news anchors like Bret Baier and Chris Wallace have been clamoring for Trump interviews that their opinion colleagues have been easily getting. However, Neil Cavuto says he has no interest in interviewing Trump. And, Shepard Smith's recent take down the Uranium One story is a story that the primetime opinion hosts like Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity have been covering closely.
Look, I think people want to say that there is, and sure — the thing about these shows and these individuals that you just cited, they're all super smart people. And they're very passionate about what they do. For me, and I speak with Chris, I speak with all of them, and Bret and Neil, and I get Neil's reason for not wanting to go after an interview, and I understand why Chris wants to, and why Bret would want to. And one thing we always try to remind people, and the good thing about this place, as much as people want to try to pit news versus opinion, this place was built on doing both. The marketplace lacked that, so people have grown up with a respect for each side.
Wallace added, "We've always said that we have strong opinion and strong news. And, again, I think that's part of (our) success."

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