Friday, April 21, 2017

Wichita Radio: Brett Harris & Tracy Cassidy OUT At KKGQ

Harris & Cassidy
Radio personalities Brett Harris and Tracy Cassidy are off-the-air at KKGQ 92.3 FM.

Manhattan-based Rocking M Media recently acquired the station and Harris told Rocking M president Christopher Miller told him he couldn’t afford him and Cassidy.

“You guys are a Cadillac, and I can’t really afford a Cadillac,” Harris says Miller said.

“We snickered,” Harris says. “I guess (we’re) honored that we’re a Cadillac.”

Harris and Cassidy didn’t have a noncompete agreement at this station. “Meaning we’re available tomorrow,” he says. “That’s exciting for us. There’s no sideline waiting.”

Harris says this makes the sixth or seventh ownership change at various stations that he and Cassidy have been through at various stations, and he says they weather each one with positive attitudes and without burning bridges.

Cassidy is taking a positive attitude as well. “I’m going to be able to sleep,” she says of her free schedule. “I’m going to be able to have family dinners that go beyond 7:30.”

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