Friday, April 21, 2017

Tomi Takes Glenn To Court Over News Article

Tomi Lahren on Thursday asked a Dallas County judge to hold Glenn Beck and his media firm The Blaze in contempt of court over a news story that attacked Lahren, according to The Dallas Morning News.

Lahren's lawyer, Brian Lauten, alleged in court records that it was clearly Blaze employees who anonymously slammed Lahren in a story Wednesday by The Daily Caller, a conservative website, titled "EXCLUSIVE: The Inside Story Of How Tomi Lahren Flamed Out At The Blaze."

Lahren, Beck
The filing came three days after the judge ordered both sides not to publicly criticize each other.

"It took no less than 48 hours for [Beck and The Blaze] to violate this Court's order," the filing said. "This Court should immediately get to the bottom of what appears to be a very transparent attempt at a public smear campaign by Defendants."

Lahren, 24, is suing Beck and The Blaze, where she worked since 2015, to be freed from her contract that is set to expire in September. She alleged she was fired for voicing a pro-abortion rights stance and saying on The View that it would be hypocritical to support both limited government and government intrusion on abortion.

The Blaze has said that Lahren is not fired, and is still drawing a salary. She should not be allowed to end her contract early just because the company canceled her show, Tomi, the firm argues.

Lauten asked Civil District Judge Martin Hoffman to order Blaze employees to testify at a hearing set for May 1 so he can question them about the article.

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