Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Report: Station's 'Love Value' Gets Calculated

New data from the Alan Burns and Associates/Strategic Solutions Research “What Women Want” study shows that just over half (55%) of all women have a radio station that they love.

And while it may take hard work and great execution to produce that kind of affection, Burns and Strategic have calculated the return on that effort.

“If a radio station connects with a woman well enough for her to say she loves it, she is 75% more likely to be or become a heavy listener (three or more hours per day) than a light one,” says strategic EVP Hal Rood, “and that’s a big difference in TSL. There are other benefits as well; for example, women who have a radio station they love are 75% more likely to actually keep a diary or carry a meter in a ratings survey than those who only ‘like’ their P1 station. Plus, they’re 20% more likely to be a strong opinion leader, and thus to expose other people to your station. So you get more TSL from women who are more likely to cooperate with Nielsen and to promote your station to other women.”

What produces that high level of affection and thus those rewards? Alan Burns says that two things in the study stand out about women who give their favorite station a “love” rating.

“First and foremost, the difference between being just a ‘most listened-to’ station and a ‘most listened-to and loved’ station is whether she feels that the radio station really ‘gets’ her,” said Burns.

“Women who love their P1 station are 51% more likely than the average listener to say that station understands her very well. The second characteristic is a greater tendency to enjoy entertaining air personalities. Women who are passionate about their favorite station are 30% more likely to feel strongly that entertaining personalities are a key reason she listens to radio.”

The Burns/Strategic Solutions study interviewed 2,000 fifteen to fifty-four year-old women around the nation for their media consumption and perceptions, and have been revealing the findings in a series of webinars.

The final webinar, a close look at listeners and listening to Hot AC and AC formatted radio stations, is scheduled for this Wednesday, March 8, at 2pm EST/11am PST. You can register for the free 30-minute presentation by clicking What Women Want 2017 Webinar or the What Women Want icons at www.burnsradio.com or www.strategicsolutionsresearch.com.

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