Saturday, February 18, 2017

Trump Supporters Call For Shepard Smith's Head

On Thursday, Fox News 3pm (ET) host Shepard Smith slammed President Donald Trump for what Smith described as his refusal to provide an honest answer about his administration's communications with the Russian government.

On Friday Smith was MIA.  Why?  Apparently, no big deal...Smith‘s absence from Fox News Friday had to do with his scathing review of Pres. Trump’s news conference yesterday, Smith already had a pre-planned day off. He’ll be taking Monday, Presidents’ Day.

On Thursday, Smith also defended CNN reporter Jim Acosta against the president's assertions that CNN and other outlets are "fake news," arguing that Trump is treating the press "like children."

Smith's comments came after Trump's free-wheeling press conference on Thursday afternoon, during which the president repeatedly sparred with reporters and accused the media of treating his administration unfairly. While Trump said he had no contact with Russian officials during the campaign, he did not respond directly to questions posed by Acosta and other reporters concerning whether any of his advisers had.

Like Megyn Kelly, Smith has gotten a taste of the social media fury of Trump supporters who believe a Fox News host has scorned the president:

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