Wednesday, February 15, 2017

The Grammys Impact Music Sales

The 2017 Grammy Awards had plenty of intrigue with regard to the top awards and as usual provided the nominated and performing artists with a boost to their album and song sales. Here are the highlights, according to

Grammy Winning Albums:
  • Album sales for 25 by Adele jumped 232% Sunday night as a result of winning album of the year… 25 had 4,044 sales on Sunday.
  • Sturgill Simpson’s album A Sailor’s Guide to Earth had 3,471 sales on Sunday and experienced the biggest uplift in sales among all Grammy winning albums (that had sales < 500 sales) with an uplift of 789%.
  • BeyoncĂ©’s Lemonade had the most sales on Sunday out of all the winning albums with 4,373 sales; that was an increase of 297% compared to the previous 6 day average.
Other Album Impact:
  • Even though Bruno Mars album 24K Magic did not win a Grammy, his album jumped 206% with 6,728 sales on Sunday. 24K Magic was the 2nd biggest selling album in U.S. on Sunday with 6,728 sales.
  • While Maren Morris’ album did not win for Country album of the year, it did experience an uplift of 300% in sales on Sunday with 2,727 sales.
Song Performance Impact:

All the Songs performed on the Grammy’s experienced an average increase of 2,363% in song sales on the night of the Grammys compared to the six days leading up to the awards show.
  • Maren Morris’ song Once (which she performed with Alicia Keys) had the the overall largest growth in sales of all songs performed; up over 13,477% in sales on Sunday compared to the previous six days. There were just about 5,600 sales for Once on Sunday night compared to a daily average of 41 sales for the previous 6 days.
  • William Bell’s Born Under A Bad Sign had the largest percentage growth in sales 23,691%; a unit sales increase of 1,698. The average daily songs sales for Born Under A Bad Sign leading up to the awards show was seven sales.
  • Ed Sheeran’s Shape Of You and Bruno Mar’s That’s What I Like were the top two songs that had the largest sales gains on Sunday of all songs performed. Shape Of You had 46,266 sales on Sunday (up 164%) which was an increase of nearly 29,000 sales compared to the previous six days. That’s What I Like had 23,000 sales on Sunday (up 527%) which was an increase of nearly 20,000 sales compared to the previous six days.

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