Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Dominican Republic Radio: 2 Broadcasters Murdered On-Air

A radio broadcaster for HICC 103.7 FM was shot and killed while reading news on a Facebook Live stream in the Dominican Republic.

According to the Daily Mail, Luis Manuel Medina was killed in the middle of his program Milenio Caliente (Hot Millennium) on Tuesday.

His producer Leo Martinez, who was also the director of the radio station 103.5 HICC, was also killed.

The duo were broadcasting from a station in the east of the country when unidentified people came in and began shooting.

Mr Medina was transmitting his show through social media, using Facebook Live, and his video cuts out just as shots can be heard in the background.

A woman's voice shouts: 'Shots, shots, shots!'

Mr Medina's eyes widen as the assassins enter the room, but he maintains his composure..

The attack happened in San Pedro de MacorĂ­s, where the station is based inside a shopping centre.

Police have arrested three men, but not charged anyone. The motive of the attack is unknown.

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