Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Baby Boomers To Re-Emerge As Target Group

A new report from from Mindshare expects 2017 will see less attention to Millennials and the re-emrgence of Baby Boomers as a targeted group by advertisers.

Mindshare, which looks at trends for the coming year in advertising, expects a "Boomaissance" to b just one of the trends Mindshare predicts will emerge in 2017.

Advertisers should be staying on top of these trends in order to craft their ad strategy accordingly:
  • Recognizing different ideas of success. One thing Millennials have taught the marketplace: Success isn’t measured by one metric. New voices and new perspectives are changing the way people see success, and it’s important for advertisers to realize nothing is “one-size-fits-all” any more.
  • Realizing beliefs don’t match reality Ideology increasingly guides people’s beliefs more than actual facts – no matter which side of the partisan divide people are on. Mindshare advises: “Reassess what it means to advertise post-election.”
  • Watching social media warily We all love social media! Sort of. Sometimes. We enjoy letting people into our lives, but then we become worried we have revealed too much. People need to know they can trust an advertiser to respect boundaries when it comes to social media and personal data.
  • Finding advertising opportunity amidst the giants The Apples, the Amazons, the Facebooks – they exert influence in many ways, not all of them immediately noticeable. Advertisers who seek out a niche not covered by these big boys can find greater success and distinguish themselves from other competitors. 

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