Friday, February 17, 2017

Philly Radio: Kathy Romano Adds Show At BEN-FM

Kathy Romano
Longtime co-host of the Preston and Steve Show Kathy Romano is getting a second gig.

According to, Romano will host "Her Story" on WBEN 95.7 FM on Sundays at 7:30 a.m. starting Feb. 19. She'll continue her normal duties as co-host and traffic reporter for Preston and Steve, which airs weekdays on BEN FM's sister station, WMMR 93.3 FM.

"This is giving me the opportunity for some girl talk that just doesn’t make sense on WMMR's Preston & Steve® Show!” Romano said.

“There are so many amazing women with fascinating stories that we just don’t get to hear."

"Kathy’s going to make ‘Her Story’ a unique show and do a wonderful job," BEN FM program director Chuck Damico said.

The announcement follows some recent on-air shakeups at each station, which are both owned by Beasley Broadcast Group after a July sale from Greater Media.

Longtime evenings WMMR evenings host Matt Cord, who is also PA announcer for the Sixers, was moved to weekday mornings at BEN FM in December. WMMR overnight host Jacky Bam Bam took over Cord's evening duties.

Romano has been with Preston and Steve since 2003 when the show was on now-defunct Y100.

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