Thursday, February 16, 2017

'Morning Joe' Stops Booking Kellyanne Conway

Kellyanne Conway often appears in the news, defending President Trump and his policies.

But increasingly, the South Jersey native and presidential adviser has been making news herself, by making misstatements or spreading untruthful information on national television, according to

Fresh questions about Conway's credibility surfaced this week in coverage of the resignation of National Security Adviser Michael Flynn. Mika Brzezinski, a host of MSNBC's Morning Joe said on air Wednesday that she wouldn't book Conway on the show.

"Every time I've ever seen her on television, something's askew, off, or incorrect," Brzezinski said.

That statement came after Conway appeared to be out of the loop surrounding Flynn. On Monday, she told MSNBC that Trump had "full confidence" in the adviser. Later that day, Flynn was ousted over having misled Vice President Pence about his contacts with Russia.

TV Newser reports a broad discussion about what Conway’s White House role, Brzezinski said, “We know for a fact she tries to book herself on this show. I won’t do it because I don’t believe in fake news or information that is not true. And that is every time I’ve ever seen her on television, something is askew off or incorrect.”

“She goes on the Today show and gives misinformation as she does on all of these shows,” added Joe Scarborough. “I don’t even think she’s saying something she knows to be untrue, she’s just saying things just to get in front of the TV set and prove her relevance.”

“She’s not credible anymore,” said Brzezinski, adding, “I will say Kellyanne Conway does not need to text our show, as long as I’m on it, because it’s not happening here.”

On Tuesday, Today host Matt Lauer questioned Conway about the Flynn situation. When she struggled to explain how the adviser had maintained the president's trust until Monday, the anchor told her: "Kellyanne, that makes no sense."

Broadcasters appear to be increasingly reluctant to book Conway. An anchor at one network told Politico this week that "she constantly obfuscates and misrepresents the truth." CNN said it refused to have Conway as a State of the Union guest earlier this month because of the credibility issues, though Conway denied that was the case.

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