Saturday, February 11, 2017

Myrtle Beach Radio: Colonial Stunting On WJXY 93.9 FM

Colonial Media and Entertainment announced that it has closed on its acquisition of two former Cumulus stations, WJXY 93.9 FM and WXJY 93.7 FM in the Myrtle Beach market.

The new stations become part of a group that will include five FMs and two AMs in the fast-growing southeastern US market.

The news-talk format on 93.9 FM has disappeared replaced with an hourly spin of the Wheel of Formats.

Jeff Andrulonis
Company Chairman/CEO Jeff Andrulonis says there are several formats under consideration. “With Valentine’s Day coming up, we’ve thought about an all love song format featuring Air Supply, Barry Manilow, and even yacht rock from the 70s. We’d call it Loveland 93.9FM. But then again, I’m a Pennsylvania native, so the all-polka format is appealing to me. 93.9FM The Accordian would play Eddie Stankey, Frankie Yankovic and the Pennsylvania Polka. We might even get wild and crazy and play some Lawrence Welk and punk polka from Polkacide. There are literally tens of people in the Myrtle Beach area who’d love The Accordian.”

Other formats that are on the Wheel of Formats include All-Alabama as The Bowery 94 Stereo, All-Christmas (Santa 94) and All-Elvis (The King 93.9FM).

Andrulonis promises he’ll make a format decision on Monday, 13 at 3pm.

Meanwhile, as of Friday morning, WXJY is becoming “Georgetown’s Inspiration Station” playing Urban Gospel. Long time Myrtle Beach air personality on WMIR 1200 AM, Reggie Dyson, is also working on 93.7 Rejoice FM.

The new 93.9FM and 93.7 Rejoice FM join WMIR (heard on 103.5 FM and 1200 AM in Atlantic Beach and coming soon to 95.5 FM in Conway) and WNMB (heard on 900AM and coming this summer to FM) as part of Colonial’s efforts in the Myrtle Beach market.

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  1. I dont know why you are changing the format from talk radio.It was nice to have a choice from the current ta;l radio station 99.5.
    Granted Imus in the Morning wasn't very good but the rest of the lineup for the day was refreshing from the same ol Limbaugh etc...
    A little bit of advertising such as a billboard or two strategically placed to let people know you even exist would have been helpful.
    I just happened to stumble upon the station one day and continued to listen..
    Ive told many people about the station and they never heard of it but then started to listen to it.
    Last thing we need here at the beach is another music station no matter what the type....Well a real 60's station would be nice,more and more boomers moving here all the time.
    Anyway,just my thoughts but,Ill say it again,a alternative to the currant conservative talk station would be a winner I believe with the right marketing.