Monday, June 20, 2016

St. Louis Radio: It's Humble & Kind Week At WIL 92.3 FM

In response to recent events in the news media, 92.3 WIL’s Morning Show “Bud and Broadway” announced this morning they are hosting the station’s first ever Humble & Kind Week June 20 through 24, 2016.

In the spirit of Tim McGraw’s popular song “Humble & Kind”, Bud and Broadway made their pledge to be “humble & kind” at 6:30 am this morning, and they’ve asked their St. Louis listeners to join their effort to create at least 1,000 acts of kindness and selflessness during this specially designated week:
  • Call or visit your mom, grandpa or a family member or friend who could use a smile
  • Tip a little more for those who work in the service industries
  • Reach out a helping hand to your neighbors
  • Volunteer your time and talents wherever you see a need
Listeners can take the “Humble and Kind Week” pledge on the WIL Facebook page at
“I do hereby promise…I’ll spend this week being humble and kind, bringing goodness to others will be in the front of my mind. No road rage, no anger, in kindness I’ll live remembering in this life, you get what you give.  I take this oath this week and promise to be humble and kind.”
All week long, Bud and Broadway will be taking calls each morning from listeners with reports of their random acts of kindness, suggestions on how people can volunteer within the St. Louis area, and share ideas on ways the community can be “humble and kind” to each other during the week-long campaign.

According to Broadway, “We have to change the tone of this country from top to bottom, and the best way to start is to humble ourselves and be kind to one another. Our prayer is that during this week, anger would be replaced with kindness, and that what starts in St Louis would spread across Missouri, Illinois, and beyond.”

Bud adds, “I am excited about doing this week because the upside is so huge. The news has been awful lately and I am hoping that a little kindness will birth a lot of it.

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