Thursday, March 19, 2015

Talker Larry King Sez He Fears Death

Larry King
Talk show legend Larry King has revealed that he wants his body frozen when he dies so that he can be revived at some later date in the future to continue his TV career.

The broadcaster, who is going to be 82 in November, said he doesn't believe in the afterlife and so is considering getting frozen so that he can one day make a surprise return.

'I think I'd like to be frozen and that would be the only hope that I could come back,' he said. 'My wife says, 'What if you come back 200 years from now? You won't know anybody?' I say, 'I'll make new friends.' [laughs] So I fear death.'

“I remember being nine years old, getting on a bus, asking a bus driver why he drives a bus, what he gets out of driving a bus, what are the rewards,” King says. The fact is, the New York native told The Hill, he was simply born curious and with an inexplicable desire to be behind the microphone.

“I used to listen to radio shows, imitate the announcers, pretend I was an announcer. I didn’t want to be a fireman, I didn’t want to be a doctor, I wanted to be on the air.”

The childhood dream has morphed into a career spanning more than five decades. And at 81, King shows no signs of stopping.

The longtime CNN personality is currently hosting the political and current events talk show, “PoliticKING,” as well as the Emmy-nominated entertainment talk show, “Larry King Now,” both available on and Hulu.

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