Wednesday, September 10, 2014

HD Radio Satisfaction is High Among Users

iBiquity Digital Corporation, the developer of digital HD Radio Technology for AM and FM audio and data broadcasting, has announced findings that show 91% of HD Radio users are ‘completely’ or ‘very’ satisfied

75% of all Adults 12+ listen to HD Radio stations each week. With almost 20 million HD Radio-equipped cars on the road, there is over 56 million hours of in-car HD Radio listening per week.

Research recently completed by the RDA Group, an automotive consumer research firm, shows growing HD Radio Awareness, satisfaction and advocacy. A survey of 1,022 new car buyers, including 500 HD Radio users revealed:

HD Radio Awareness is Growing: 71% of consumer are aware of HD Radio Technology, up from 60% in 2012.

There is Broad Satisfaction with HD Radio Services: 92% of users are ‘completely’ or ‘very’ satisfied with the digital audio quality, 89% with program info (song title, artist and album display), 86% with the service being free, 82% with HD2, HD3, and HD4 channels, 74% with artist experience (album art and station logos), and 72% with real time traffic updates.  All of these numbers represent increases over the 2012 data.

There is Strong Advocacy among HD Radio Users: 97% of HD Radio Technology users would ‘definitely’ or ‘probably’ recommend HD Radio technology to their friends and relatives.

Consumers Want HD Radio Receivers in their Cars: 91% of all consumers ‘definitely’ or ‘probably’ want an HD Radio receiver in their next vehicle; 80% expect it to be a standard feature.

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