Friday, September 6, 2013

Ryan Seacrest Booed During NFL Opening

Network TV never knows when to stop shilling, selling, hyping and hustling its audience.

According to media critic, David Zurawick at The Baltimore Sun, the network’s “Sunday Night Football” franchise is one of the epic success stories of prime-time TV, a winning hybrid of sports and pop culture programming that draws a larger audience than any sports program in history. As the highest-rated show on TV, it defines cash cow. And thanks to the skill of the crew assembled by executive producer Fred Gaudelli, it is also a show the network could be proud of.

But Thursday night, on the big opening night of the season, the suits at NBC and corporate owner Comcast had to turn the “Football Night in America” pre-game show, as well as the opening of the game itself, into a pimp machine for Ryan Seacrest and his new NBC show, “The Million Second Quiz.”

According to Zurawik, Seacrest embodies the worst aspects of commercial television – the phoniness, the lack of creativity and talent, the vapid emptiness at its heart. You don’t take someone like that and shove him down the throats of serious sportsfans on opening night as NBC did Thursday.

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