Friday, August 11, 2017

Radio Exec: Mueller Kept Changing His Story

David Mueller
The radio executive who fired the DJ accused of groping Taylor Swift in 2013 said he did so because of the photo of the alleged assault and a changing explanation.

Buzzfeed is reporting Robert Call, the vice president of radio station KYGO, told jurors in Denver Thursday that input from Swift’s liaison also influenced his decision to fire the DJ, David Mueller, “for touching Taylor’s rear end."

The photo, Call said, shows Mueller’s hand, “in my mind, without question, behind Ms. Swift’s rear end.”

He also said Mueller changed his story when confronted with the allegation, and that he trusted the account relayed to him by Swift’s respected radio liaison, Frank Bell.

“I had no reason to disbelieve what he was telling me,” Call said. “My understanding was that he had put his hand under her dress and grabbed her rear end.”

Mueller claims in his lawsuit that he lost his job over what he insists are false allegations. Swift countersued alleging sexual assault, which she testified to earlier in the day, telling jurors that Mueller "stayed latched onto my bare ass cheek” during a meet-and-greet photo op in 2013.

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