Tuesday, August 8, 2017

August 8 Radio History

➦In 1952...Robin Quivers, famous sidekick to Howard Stern, was born.

Robin Quivers
In 1979 after military service, Quivers returned to Baltimore where she studied at the Broadcasting Institute of Maryland and worked in a hospital.  She landed her first job in the radio industry with a newscasting position at WIOO 1000 AM in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, followed by WCMB 1460 AM in nearby Harrisburg. She then moved back to Baltimore for a consumer reporter role at WFBR, where she also read newscasts with morning disc jockey Johnny Walker.

In March 1981, radio personality Howard Stern started his new morning program at WWDC in Washington, D.C.. He wished for an on-air newscaster to riff with him in the studio on the news and current affairs.   That was when station program director Denise Oliver played Quivers a tape of Stern interviewing a prostitute on the air.  She "had never heard anything like it...I just said, 'where do I sign? I’ll do anything just to meet this guy!'"

➦In 1952..WMCA 570 AM NYC banned Rosemary Clooney's latest hit 'Botch-A-Me. As noted in Billboard.

➦In 1963..."Louie Louie" by the Kingsmen was released and Radio stations quickly labeled it obscene.

➦In 1966...WABC moved to 1330 Avenue of the Americas

➦In 1982...WNBC-AM, New York City began broadcasting in AM Stereo.

➦In 1986...legendary DJs, Bobby Ocean and Dr. Don Rose did their last shows on KFRC, San Francisco, California.

➦In 2002...New York's WNNY 1380 AM changes call letters to WLXE

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