Friday, October 30, 2015

Atlanta Radio: Steve McCoy Talks About Trump Interview

Steve McCoy 
Atlanta radio personality Steve McCoy broke his silence over his recent firing from News Radio 106-7.

McCoy was let go for re-running an old interview with Donald Trump as new. McCoy will apologize to listeners and colleagues during a podcast Friday morning.

CBS46 News Special Assignment Reporter Mark Pettit has known McCoy for years and talked with McCoy about the firing.

“Why didn’t you just say it was an old interview?" Just tell people it was taped," asked Locke.

McCoy said he was promised an interview with Donald Trump, the Republican candidate for President. When the interview fell through, McCoy fell back on his old entertainment ways.

“I had promoted the piece three times on the air. So I pieced together an old interview I had from a year earlier and I ran that," said McCoy.

McCoy was fired and forced to apologize to Trump.

“So I apologized to everyone I needed to. And I apologize to my listeners. I didn’t mean to dissuade people, do something irreprehensible, but I guess I did," said McCoy.

CBS46 News

After he was fired, McCoy disclosed he has Parkinson’s disease, a fact he kept secret from his closest friends and co-workers.

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