Tuesday, September 8, 2015

This Week Could Be The Beginning Of The End For CBS Radio

If StreetTalk is correct, this week could see the start of CBS Radio's divestiture of stations in some markets.  CBS Radio currently owns and operates 117 stations in 26 major markets.

The talk has been getting more intense in the last few weeks that CBS Radio President Andre Fernandez has working out details to station sales to other radio broadcasters.  Hubbard Radio, Cumulus, Alpha Media and Entercom are are among the most-frequently mentioned candidates likely to acquire CBS stations.

CBS CEO President Les Moonves brought in Fernandez in April 2015 when the much respected Dan Mason departed as Radio CEO. Mason background included experience in programming

It's been speculated that no CBS station is immune, although CBS Radio may retain profitable stations in high-profile markets, where it also owns and operates TV.  Those markets may include, but not limited to NYC, Philly, Chicago and L-A.

CBS Radio has been cutting expenses during the month months, esecially when it comes to high-earning radio personalities.  Off The Air: Ross Brittain at WOGL in Philly, Shotgun Tom Kelly, Charlie Tuna and Christina Kelly off KRTH in in LA., Harry Donahue at KYW in Philly, and Don Carpenter at WYCD in Detroit. There have been other reductions in force including production, sales and office workers.

There have been major cutbacks at CBS All-News Stations and no one would be surprised if the ill-fated WNEW-FM is shutdown and converted to a cheaper music format.

Cutbacks have also affected CBS stations in Seattle, St. Louis, Dallas and Sacramento.

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