Tuesday, September 8, 2015

TX Radio: GM Returns Four Stations To Local Ownership

KSTV 93.1 FM General Manager Boots Elliott has purchased the radio station and three others from Cherry Creek Radio in Colorado, bringing them back under local ownership for the first time since 2004.

Elliott says he is purchasing all four stations back from Cherry Creek, including Country KSTV 93.1 FM and Hispanic KSTV 1510 AM in Stephenville and Classic Rock KYOX 94.3 FM and Talk KCOM 1550 AM  in Comanche.  The market is located West-SW of Fort Worth.

He further says he plans to offer current employees the opportunity to stay onboard.

KYOX 94.3 FM (32 Kw) Red=60dBu Local Coverage Area 
“They approached me about a year ago and said they were interested in moving some of their small-market stations and asked if I would be interested in buying them back,” said Elliott of the four stations – two in Stephenville, two in Comanche – he and fellow local businessman Bob Hashke once owned together. “I told them I was interested and we spent a few months negotiating a price and getting the attorneys to finalize everything, then we got the licensing done through the FCC. It should all be official in mid-to-late October.”

“Administratively, not being corporately owned by people trying to make decisions to govern all their stations will make things easier on me and my staff. Now there will be one person to answer to, so the decision-making process can be streamlined,” Elliott said. “And there are some changes I can make that I wasn’t allowed to being under corporate ownership.”

KSTV 93.1 FM (6 Kw) Red=60dBu Local Coverage Area
Elliott says the focus of all four stations will remain local.

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