Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Report: Casey's Remains May Be On The Road Again

Casey Kasem
Nearly two months after the Casey Kasem's death, a private investigator says his widow is making plans to move his body to a second secret location against his children's wishes.

"We have been told by some reliable sources that it's Norway, but we don't have a confirmation," Logan Clarke, an investigator hired by Kasem's daughter, Kerri Kasem, told the NY Daily News.

That move would follow the removal of the late radio host's body by his widow, Jean Kasem, from a Washington funeral home to Canada in July.

The America's Top 40 host died at the age of 82 on June 15 at St. Anthony Hospital in Gig Harbor, Wash. His death came two weeks after being removed from Jean's custody while in critical condition with an infected bedsore.

"I truly believe Jean is following her same sick pattern. It goes back to her stealing Casey from his Santa Monica nursing home. She's now trying to salvage whatever defense she has for her elder abuse," said Clarke.

He said Kasem's children are hoping the Santa Monica police will step in to prevent the body's removal.

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