Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Charlotte Radio: CCM+E To Launch Sports On Translator

W254AZ 98.7 FM (180 watts) 60dBu Coverage
Clear Channel Radio is expected to announce today that it will launch a new sports-talk radio station, no later than August 28.

The format will air on translator W254AZ 98.7 FM, a whopping 180-watt blowtorch.  The translator will be rebroadcasting the HD2 signal of clustermate WRFX 99.7 FM.  The new station affiliated with the Fox Sports radio network, with Andy Furman and Mike North in morning drive followed by Dan Patrick at 9 a.m. to noon. Steve Gorman will be carried on afternoon drive time.

Charlotte, with three sports stations already, is one of only five regions in the nation’s Top 25 radio markets without an FM sports station. Though it will broadcast on a low-power transmitter, the signal is expected to reach most of Mecklenburg County and should be audible as far south as Rock Hill, giving it reach in the most populous region of the metro area.

The new station will join the sports war with Charlotte’s existing AM sports stations – WFNZ 610 AM The Fan, WZGV 730 AM ESPN 730 and WBCN-1660 AM.

Tom's Take: Who's kidding who here?  I'm still amazed with suits who think translator signals will impact the marketplace. Also amazed very few promote the HD2 outlet.

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