Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Davis: CC Committed To Countering Rush-Haters

Darren Davis
Clear Channel Networks and iHeartRadio President Darren Davis says the company is committed to countering negativity about Rush Limbaugh.  In a Power Player interview with, Davis asserted a very small minority of people are responsible for a great majority of Limbaugh complaints.

Davis stated, "The traditional talk hosts - Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Glenn Beck -- have been a tremendous business for us ...and they continue be tremendous business. Rush is, far away, the most successful program on radio, and a huge focus for me is to have Rush be appreciated for what he truly is."

"He has been unfairly painted negatively as a mean conservative, but the truth is that he's a champion of American business and someone who creates jobs. When he talks about a business on-air, that business thrives -- and jobs are created. The big story - and what we have learned - is that virtually all the negativity around him over the last two years has stemmed from very small number of people in social media. We have found that 70% of the attacks are coming from just 10 people. Ten people around America - and we know who they are -- sit at their computers all day sending out tweets, then use computer technology to amplify them. What's unfair about this is that it's not hurting Rush or Premiere; we're fine. It is hurting small businesses in America, causing small businesses in particular to shy away from advertising on the most effective radio show to grow business. We're really committed to countering the negativity."

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  1. Who are you kidding? Clear Channel is nearly bankrupt. Rush owns this but so does CEO Pittman.

  2. 10 people took down the "King" of hate radio? Do you know how weak that makes him??

  3. 10 people took down the "King" of talk radio? I'd laugh my ass off if this were true.