Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Casey's First Wife: Jean Is 'Crazy'

Casey Kasem, Daughter Kerri
Several Kasem family members claim that the incident shows Jean Kasem herself potentially has mental illness.  "In my opinion, it does," Kasem's daughter Kerri Kasem tells THR.

"She is absolutely crazy -- no, I really mean it," says Linda Myers Naylor, Casey Kasem's first wife and the mother of his daughters Kerri and Julie Kasem, who are battling Jean Kasem over Casey Kasem's treatment.

"It's been like this for 34 years," says Casey's brother Mouner Kasem. "She's crazy. I'm not joking."

"Crazy, crazy, crazy," Julie Kasem says of her stepmother's actions. "It reminds me of Austin Powers saying, 'Who throws a shoe?'" says Kerri Kasem's publicist Danny Delaney. "I mean, who throws meat?"

Jean Kasem thinks it's the legal system that has gone crazy.

"The probate system in California is broken and vulnerable in facilitating corruption, and if no one wants to fix it, then I will," she said. "My husband is very happy and comfortable in our family, and has told me time and time again that he wishes to remain under my care and does not want a conservator."

"She is pathological," continues Naylor. "My daughters are trying very, very hard to bring him back [to health], to get the right medical care. When they saw him in Santa Monica [at a hospital] May 6, he recognized them and was very happy."

After that May 6 visit, Jean Kasem removed Mr. Kasem from the hospital and disappeared. Authorities located them in Silverdale. After Kerri Kasem saw her father again, the shock of his apparent decline after 24 days made her cry. "Casey has a 50 percent chance to make it six more months," says Delaney.

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