Thursday, May 9, 2013

Knoxville Radio: WCYQ Now Simulcasting On 100.3 FM

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This morning Journal Broadcast Group started its anticipated simulcast of Country WCYQ Q93 on its newly purchased 100.3 FM, the former home of WNOX and a N/T Format.  WCYQ will air for about two weeks on 100.3 and its soon-to-be-vacated 93.1 FM frequency.  Journal received a waiver from the FCC which permits the special simulcast.

The new WCYQ will competing directly again longtime king-of-the-hill WIVK at 107.7 FM.  It is owned by Cumulus. WCYQ will have 100,000 watts and WIVK at 107.7 FM has 91,000 watts.  

The WCYQ is touting its increased power boasting new listeners in five states and two time zones.

60dBU Coverage Area of 100.3 FM

Once the simulcast ends, longtime market watchers expect Journal to alunch a Classic Hits format at 93.1, perhaps retaining the heritage WNOX call letters.

The WNOX call letters have heritage going back to the ‘20s when WNAV-AM signed on with 50 watts in November 1921.  It was the 8th licensesd commercial radio station in the US.  Around 1923, he station's call letters later changed to WNOX. Managers tried and failed to add the letter ‘K’, but the Federal Communications Commission, at the time, reserved that prefix for stations west of the Mississippi River only.


  1. WCYQ HD signal no longer being transmitted? I can't receive it in Morristown TN.