Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Chicago Radio: WLS-AM’s Dan Proft Mulls Run For Office

If WLS 890 AM  radio host Dan Proft wants to run for governor, he'll have to give up his day job.

Proft, along with Bruce Wolf, hosts a morning commute show on 890-WLS from 5 a.m. to 9 a.m.

But if he runs for governor, an equal-time rule -- an FCC provision -- would kick-in, he says. According to a story at Chicago Sun-Times, that was the same reason that former SuperBowl XX Bear Steve "Mongo" McMichael faced when he wanted to run for Bolingbrook Mayor. And he was just discussing Bears strategy in a pre-game show.

"That's a soul-searching question - I understand I cannot be on the air if I were a candidate for office," said Proft, who has run as a Republican. "That's a large part of the decision. I love my job at WLS, it's a great gig. I really enjoy it. I'm not cavalier about the great opportunity I've been able to enjoy with WLS. That requires some deep thinking and it requires that the ground is fertile for what I'm offering."

Proft, 40, of Wheaton, started working weekends at the station three years ago. He's now turned that into a regular gig with Wolf.

"People who are a state treasurer or state legislator don't have to give up their jobs to run for office. People in the private sector have to essentially," which is why few from the private sector make a run for office, Proft argues.

CRM notes if Proft leaves WLS-AM it would be yet another loss for the station who already recently lost its previous morning show hosts Don and Roma Wade due to Don Wade's health issues, lost host Jake Hartford due to his passing away from a heart attack, lost its Program Director Drew Hayes to a station in Los Angeles, and will next month lose afternoon newsman/co-host Jim Johnson to retirement.

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