Friday, April 19, 2013

NPR Moves To New Facilities

NPR New Building
National Public Radio began broadcasting over the weekend from its new $201 million headquarters nine blocks north of the Capitol. NPR is consolidating its staff into one location after previously being in several locations. Its personnel have been moving to the new location in stages.

According to Radio World, most of the equipment in the new location is digital and the network hired Rasmus Auctioneers to liquidate its analog gear.

Much of the news staff has migrated to the new facility and the newscasters begin broadcasting from the new location on Friday.

The new facility was designed to accommodate the network’s evolution from a radio broadcaster to a multimedia operation, according to the broadcaster. Key features include a two-story newsroom where news, music and digital staff work together and a 250-seat performance studio. Studios were designed with public viewing areas.

The broadcaster has some 700+ employees.  The new NPR headquarters totals 440, 000 square feet of space.

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