Saturday, October 5, 2019

San Diego Radio: Marty Whitney Returns To 91X

Marty Whitney
Local Media of San Diego has announced that Marty Whitney is rejoining Alternative XTRA-FM 91X for mornings, weekdays 5-10am.

He'll partner with Danielle Stuht, beginning Monday, October 7. Whitney is a 20-year air personality and the move marks a return to 91X. During his original stint in the early 2000's, he served as 91X Music Director and handled nights. Since then, Whitney has hosted middays at ALT 98.7 Los Angeles, nights at KIOZ San Diego, mornings at KRZQ Reno, and most recently served as Special Programming Producer for Apple Music Beats 1.

"The kook has come home to roost," said Whitney. "This legendary little station in TJ that hits all of SoCal is once again my home, and I'm overwhelmed to join the great family at Local Media SD. Also, please don't describe my position a "Wake-ups" as it's dated. Call me the Morning Dude. Or, His Morning Dudeness, or uh, Morning Duder, or El Morning Duderino if you're not into the whole brevity thing."

Co-host Stuht added, "I'm super stoked to have Marty as my partner in the morning. I've been a fan of his for years and he brings a true, authentic vibe that is a perfect fit for mornings on 91X."

91X Program Director Garett Michaels said, "Marty is ideal for mornings on 91X, his enthusiasm is contagious, while his passion for the music, lifestyle and culture of San Diego is always on display. We love the positive energy he brings and we look forward to his contributions to our team."

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