Friday, October 12, 2018

Fort Wayne Radio: Fill-In Host Donates Pay To WOWO Penn Pitch

With the recent death of WOWO’s beloved morning host Charly Butcher, Several people have been serving as fill-in hosts until a replacement is found.  That includes Mike Wilson who worked alongside Butcher nearly seven years ago.

Wilson has been in Speedway Indiana, just outside of Indianapolis for a few years working as the Personal Relations Director for Comcast.

“I can do my part to actually help out, bring what I know Charly offered to the morning show cause I knew that’s what made Charly special,” said Wilson.

Wilson added that Charly displayed everything a host should display saying, “You knew exactly who Charly was just by listening to his show. You can’t say that about every host.”

Charly Butcher
According to WPTA-TV21, the unique thing about Wilson is that he will not take any earnings for filling in and all of the money he would have made will be donated to “Penny Pitch,” the local non-for-profit at WOWO.

The kind gesture is something folks at WOWO have had a hard time believing, according to Kayla Blakeslee, the program director at WOWO.  “I almost cried and I’m not a crier so when he said that I was very moved and very touched. But it goes back to Mike. I know that he loves WOWO, he loves Fort Wayne, he loved Charly Butcher.”

When asked why Wilson planned to donate all the money he said it all goes back to Charly and added, “He would call me regularly.Hey I got another idea for “Penny Pitch!” Hey do you wanna do this with “Penny Pitch” this year? It was a huge deal for Charly, so I thought what could be better than donating whatever I would make to “Penny Pitch” and to be able to carry that out.”

“Penny Pitch” has raised countless of funds.  Last year they presented a check to Shepherd’s House for over $200,000.

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