Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Futuri Launches #Engage For Interactive Radio Programming

Futuri Media Tuesday announced the launch of #engage, a suite of features that gives programmers the tools to turn their music station into a dynamic interactive experience. Combining text messaging, social media, and web-based capabilities, #engage empowers station brands with flexible, customizable options to interact with their audience.

#engage combines the best of Futuri Media’s industry-leading interactive radio programming tools LDR and Takeover and adds powerful new features to drive ratings and revenue. Some of #engage’s key features include:
  • Unique features for maximum listener interactivity – with maximum PD control. With interactive programming tools, programmers can create voting sessions, empower listeners to control the station’s programming within a set of rules configured by the PD, and sync it all with their playout systems with #engage’s automation integration.
  • Tools like patented Song Alerts drive Nielsen-verified audience growth by alerting listeners via texts and/or tweets when their favorite songs are about to play. #engage’s tools also allow programmers to strategically time automatic social posts with their playlists.
  • The ability to drive discussion-based engagement with Facebook Live integration, which lets stations integrate their voting features with their Facebook page via Live videos showcasing their #engage playlist and live audio stream (coming in June), and Discussions, which lets listeners participate in real-time conversation threads right from station sites or mobile apps.
Daniel Anstandig
All stations currently using LDR or Takeover will be upgraded to #engage in the coming weeks. #engage will continue to provide turnkey solutions for programmers and sales teams; features were designed with ease and speed of use as a top priority. And in keeping with Futuri Media’s reputation for excellent support and customer service, clients won’t need to do anything on their end to carry existing features over to the #engage platform, and there are dozens of opportunities in the coming weeks for Programming and Sales teams to be trained on #engage’s powerful new features. For more information on #engage, visit

“#engage takes the best of LDR and Takeover, products that have delivered results for nearly 1,000 stations worldwide, adds innovative new features, and turns the whole thing up to 11. The Futuri Media team is incredibly excited to introduce #engage to the market and give our existing clients an even bigger competitive advantage,” said Futuri Media CEO Daniel Anstandig. “We founded Futuri Media on the premise, ‘‘What if radio was invented after the Internet?’ We’re impassioned about delivering ROI-focused solutions that allow broadcasters to use technology to their advantage as opposed to seeing it as an inconvenience or threat.”

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