Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Report: Younger Demos Not Connecting With Radio Personalities

“Young people are the future of radio, and the very near future of Top 40, and in general radio’s personalities are not connecting as well with 15 to 19-year-olds as with older demos,” says consultant Alan Burns. Alan Burns and Associates, along with Strategic Solutions Research, continue to release data from “What Women Want – 2017” this week with a deep dive into the Top 40 and Hot AC formats.

Strategic EVP Hal Rood noted that young women aged 15-19 were nearly 40% (39%) less likely than 25-34-year-olds to strongly agree that one of the reasons they listen to radio is “because some of the people are entertaining.” “And they’re almost 50% less likely to say that radio personalities are one of their top three reasons to listen,” said Rood.

In addition to probing women’s connection to air personalities, this week’s “What Women Want” data release will look at the music tastes and top artist preferences of Top 40 and Hot AC listeners, the differences between the two formats, P1 desires in early morning, and how likely their core listeners are to cooperate with ratings surveys. Register for the free 30-minute webinar by clicking here: What Women Want 2017 Webinar or the What Women Want icons at www.burnsradio.com or www.strategicsolutionsresearch.com.

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  1. Two things: (1) The lack of actual 'personalities' on the air. There are lots of morning shows around the country, but there's a lot more voicetracking than live radio throughout the day. And, few personalities actually talk about anything interesting locally (if they're local at all). There's more personality in many small markets than in the medium markets. (2)The music. Every generation has its own music, but today's mechanized, homogenized, computer generated hits don't reflect the artistry of past generations. And, today's listeners tastes are much broader than in the past. Radio just doesn't cater to that. Its all about maximizing profit today at the expense of tomorrow. We all knew it was going to happen. Now it has. We can turn it around, but nobody seems to have the corporate will to put substantial money into the product.