Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Steve Harvey Talks About The Trump Backlash

During his first radio show after meeting with Donald Trump last week, Steve Harvey said on Monday that he was "hurt" by the backlash he received for meeting with President-Elect Donald Trump, according to NBC26 in Green Bay.

Harvey met with Trump on Friday in Trump Tower. Harvey said Trump put him in touch with his appointee for HUD Secretary Ben Carson to discuss housing issues in inner cities.

"A lot of y’all hurt me,” Harvey said. “I didn’t expect the backlash to be so fierce. I also understand if I’m going to keep getting stabbed at, at least while you’re stabbing me, you should understand my intent.

"I’m from the hood. I’ve been putting in the work for years. I care about these inner cities because that’s where I’m from.”

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Despite outside criticism, it appears Harvey considered Friday's meeting productive.

“When I walked away, (I felt) there might be a real chance for some positive to come out of what many feel is doom and gloom,” Harvey said on Monday.

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