Saturday, March 5, 2016

Jury Gets Erin Andrews Case

Erin Andrews
Erin Andrews' attorney suggested Friday that a jury should punish a Nashville hotel owner and operator $1 for every person — past and future — who watches nude videos of the sports broadcaster that were secretly recorded in 2008 through an altered door peephole.

The Tennessean reports Bruce Broillet offered that roadmap during his closing argument in Andrews' civil trial against the hotel and its operator. According to trial testimony, more than 16.8 million people have watched the video recorded by Michael David Barrett. Broillet asked the jury to consider how many more will watch the video, which is still online, over the next 45 years.

A payment of $1 for each of those people, he said, is how the jury could send a message to the hospitality industry about its responsibility to guest safety.

"Barrett couldn’t have done it without the negligence of the Nashville Marriott, the repeated violations, one after the other, of the standards that are there to protect all of us, our children," he said.

Andrews is seeking as much as $75 million from Barrett; the hotel owner, West End Hotel Partners; and the hotel management company, Windsor Capital Group. The jury will decide how much money, up to $75 million, to award the Fox Sports broadcaster and "Dancing with the Stars" co-host.

Andrews says the hotel failed to follow safety standards by allowing Barrett to find her room, and said staff never notified her Barrett had requested to stay next door.

Jury deliberations begin Monday

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