Thursday, July 10, 2014

Chicago Radio: Jane Monzures OUT At WILV 100.3 FM

Jane Monzures
Jane Monzures, who had been hosting afternoons on WILV 100.3 FM since late January of this year, has exited the station.

Cara Carriveau, who has been hosting nights on the station since January 2013, now takes over in afternoons.

According to CRM, Chicago radio fans will know Monzures from her years at WLUP-FM/The Loop. From 2004-2007, she worked at WLUP-FM, with the last two years as co-host to Zakk Tyler in the afternoons, where she picked up the nickname "Sweet Baby Jane."

She returned to WLUP-FM in 2010 as a frequent fill-in morning news/traffic anchor and co-host to Pete McMurray, taking over that role full-time in October 2011. WLUP-FM made a change in the morning show in July 2012, taking McMurray and Monzures off the air there, but soon after placing them on sister-station WIQI-FM/i101. McMurray was later released, but Monzures remained at WIQI-FM as a voice-tracking DJ, heard throughout the day. She was among the first released from Merlin Media when the company assigned complete operations of WIQI-FM, WLUP-FM, and WKQX-LP to Cumulus Media in January 2014.

Cara Carriveau
Carriveau began her radio career at a station in Clare, MI/ In 1989, she began working at suburban WABT-FM/The Wabbit, where she was an on-air talent and Program Director. After the station was sold in 1995, she joined Shadow Broadcast/Shadow Traffic as Program Director. There she was heard most often as a news anchor/sidekick to Kevin Matthews on WLUP-FM. Additionally, Carriveau also took on part-time roles at WIIL-FM, WRCX-FM, and WTMX-FM.

Carriveau may be best known for her eight years as a highly-rated midday host on WLUP-FM (1998-2006).

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