Friday, September 28, 2012

Phil & Brent Leaving KMOD Tulsa

UPDATE 11/23/12: Sad news to report Phil Stones passed award 11/21/12. For posting, click here.

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No Contract Extension

Phil and Brent, hosts of the Morning Drive on KMOD for the past 25 years, announced on Thursday morning their last day on the air will be Friday, October 12th, according to a report by

The raucous pair received regional and national fame in the early 90’s with the invention of the character Roy D. Mercer. The larger than life good ol’ boy would prank call unsuspecting victims, triggering laughs with catchphrases like “How big a boy are ya?”

Brent Douglas and Phil Stone took Mercer to the nation later in the 90’s when they released the sketches with Capitol Records.

KMOD Operations Manager Don “DC” Christi issued a statement on their pending departure today.

“They have meant so much to me as the Program Director of KMOD, our listeners, our clients and decades of fellow employees, that I find myself speechless and lacking the proper level of hyperbole to sum up their exit,” said Christi.

According to another report Clear Channel management could not reach a mutual agreement on a contract extension with Phil & Brent. Details for the new morning show will be announced soon.

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