Friday, July 29, 2011

KFYI-AM Hopes Issues Show Gets Laffs

Gregg Paul
A veteran news reporter and an East Valley comedy aficionado are launching a new program on Clear Channel’s 550 AM KFYI Phoenix that will attempt to make the politically incorrect correct, or at least make people laugh if they don’t find the content appalling.

According to a story by Mike Sakal at, a “test run” of the one-hour show “Live Wire” will begin at 9 p.m. on Saturday with co-hosts Gregg Paul of KFYI and Tony Vicich, who oversees the Funnies Room and the popular Class Clowns Comedy School at the Tempe Improv.

Two other stand-up comics also will be sitting in on the program, which has a round-table format with co-hosts and their guests discussing hot-button issues throughout the region as well as politics and culture presented through a comedy perspective.

Tony Vicich
It’s similar to the way friends would be trading witticisms at the local bar or while tapping into a keg of beer at a party.

Paul, who said he wants liberal government out of his back pocket and conservative government out of his bedroom, said he presented a proposed outline of the show to program director Smokey Rivers about a month ago, and Rivers liked the idea.

“I think the program is going to stand out like a drunk who crashes a cocktail party,” said Paul, who has worked for KFYI for five years and does a weekly segment called “The Political Observer Moment.”

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