Wednesday, May 16, 2018

May 16 Radio History

➦In 1925...WHAS 840 AM, Louisville, Kentucky, originated the first network broadcast of the Kentucky Derby.

➦In 1942...the longtime radio thriller The Whistler debuted on (CBS) the Columbia Broadcasting West Coast network, sponsored by Signal Oil. With numerous shorter runs on the full CBS network it continued until 1955.

➦In 1946...Jack Mullin demonstrates Magnetophon at Institute of Radio Engineers convention. The Magnetophon tape recorder was one of the first recording machines to use magnetic tape in preserving voice and music.

➦In 1960...Billboard magazine reports that Detroit music mogul Berry Gordy is thinking of starting three new record labels, including one called Motown.

➦In 1994...the Howard Stern Radio Show debuted on WTKS 104.1 FM, Orlando.

➦In 2013…Radio programmer (RKO Radio, Radio Marti, KHJ-Los Angeles, KFRC-San Francisco, WIBG-Philadelphia, CKLW-Windsor-Detroit)/former disc jockey (WAKE, WGST, WQXI, all in Atlanta) Paul Drew died at the age of 78.

Paul Drew
Drew, a graduate of Wayne State University in his native Detroit, began his professional radio career in 1961 as a DJ with Atlanta station WAKE. He later moved crosstown to WGST and then WQXI, where he was promoted to program director. Leaving WQXI in 1967, Drew moved on to programming gigs at CKLW in Windsor, Ontario-Detroit, WIBG in Philadelphia, KFRC in San Francisco and former Los Angeles powerhouse top 40 KHJ.

In the early ‘70s, he was appointed VP of programming for RKO Radio, a nationwide chain whose roster at one time included KHJ and sister KRTH, KFRC, WOR & WXLO (99X) New York and WHBQ Memphis, among other stations in Chicago, Boston and Washington, D.C. Their formats ranged from top 40 and adult contemporary to classical, oldies and talk.

During the course of his career, Drew worked with and/or mentored a diverse array of radio personalities, programmers, consultants and industry writers. That list includes consultants Jerry Clifton and Guy Zapoleon, writers Gerry Cagle (Network 40), Walt “Baby” Love (Radio & Records) and Jerry Del Colliano (Inside Radio), as well as air personalities Rick Dees, Dr. Don Rose, Jay Thomas and Charlie Van Dyke.

When personality Don Rose died in 2005, Paul Drew paid tribute to one of the brightest stars of the local radio business throughout the 60's - 80's. Full of energy and endless wit, he was the number one rated air personality everywhere he went: ie. Atlanta, Philadelphia and San Francisco.

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