Saturday, May 19, 2018

Report: 'Good Guy With Gun' Story Ignored By MSM

A Fox News commentator railed against national media outlets for what he perceived as lackluster coverage of a thwarted mass shooting at an Illinois high school.

"An amazing thing took place Wednesday but I bet you didn't hear much about it," Greg Gutfeld, a host on Fox News' "The Five," said in his in his opening monologue. "So the obvious question is, why isn't this all over the news?"

On Wednesday morning, 19-year-old Matthew Milby opened fire on students who were rehearsing for their graduation. Milby, who was using his mother's semiautomatic rifle, exchanged gunfire with Dixon, Illinois police officer Mark Dallas.

According to BusinessInsider, Milby received non-life threatening injuries and was the only person hurt during the shooting. He was released from the hospital the same day and was taken to Lee County Jail, where he was charged with three counts of aggravated discharge of a firearm.

Gutfeld argued that the would-be mass shooting did not meet what he called the media's "seal of approval."

"The problem is, in this case, the media isn't interested in what doesn't happen," Gutfeld said. "Lives were saved, thankfully, so the story didn't fit the narrative."

Gutfeld went on to suggest that media outlets did not report on the foiled shooting because the officer fired his weapon to stop the suspected gunman.

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