Thursday, August 17, 2017

Portland OR Radio: Dino Costa OUT At KXTG

Dino Costa
Alpha Media and its station KXTG 750 AM / 102.9 FM The Game have made the decision to cut ties with radio host Dino Costa.

The move comes a day after the Portland Timbers distanced themselves from 750/102.9 The Game, their radio partner, due to the "offensive and insensitive views and opinions" expressed on The Dino Costa Show.

Costa was hired earlier this year and his controversial show since June. During his two months at the radio station, Costa threatened to bring a straight pride flag to a Timbers game, said women couldn't successfully host radio shows and advocated for running over supporters of Black Lives Matter, if they blocked traffic.

Alpha Media released a statement Wednesday saying, "After further review, Alpha Media has decided to cut ties with Dino Costa. Additional information is not available at this time."

As of Wednesday afternoon, Costa's information had been scrubbed from the 750/102.9 The Game website and the Twitter account for his show had been deleted.

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