Friday, August 18, 2017

Atlanta Radio: Christopher Rude OUT At The Fan

Christopher Rude
After 15-year as morning show host, Christopher Rude has exited Sports WCNN 680 AM /  93.7 FM (Translator W229AG).

According to, cohosts Chris Dimino and Nick Cellini will remain with a new name to be unveiled next month, according to David Dickey, who runs the station. The show for many years was called the Rude Awakening, even after Dimino and Cellini joined the show following their departures from the now defunct WQXI 790/The Zone.

“I did not renew his contract,” Dickey texted me this morning. “Chris [Rude] did a great job for us and we wish him well in his future endeavors.”

He feels Dimino and Cellini “can do a great morning show by themselves. You don’t necessarily need a third cast member in the room with them. Simple as that.”

Rude’s agent Norm Schrutt confirmed the news and plans to have lunch with Rude today. He suspects Rude would like to get back into rock radio. Rude worked for many years at 96rock before joining the Fan, coming to Atlanta in the late 1980s. He found a way to transition from rock to sports and survived an impressively long period of time.

Schrutt said the station treated Rude well, even when he suffered throat cancer in 2010.

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  1. Might be noted the the two remaining clowns were fired from 790, not let go when the Station ended as a sports talk radio. I have to wonder how long they will wait before they reunite Mayhem in the AM by moving Steak Shapiro in the morning slot.